The best blackjack system ever made! Easy card counting blackjack system

VIP Blackjack System

The Best Blackjack System Ever Created


The VIP Blackjack System is the best blackjack system and the easiest blackjack system

Created by a legendary blackjack player from the east coast of the US, the VIP Blackjack System isthe easiest blackjack system that uses very minimul card counting and basic blackajck stratgyies to win at blackjack

The VIP Blackjack system has been used for decades by one of the most famous blackjack players ever. He has won all over Atlanticy City as recently as the 2000's. He has dominated Las Vegas and even won in the UK



Learn To Win at Blackjack Every Time you Play

Blackjack Basics

blackjack Easy Card Counting

You may have watched the movie "21", where they use difficult card counting stratgies to win milions at blackjack. Well the truth is, blackjack card counting does not need to be that difficut. The VIP blckjack system will teach you the easiest card counting strategy ever made.

blackjack Bankroll Management

The key to money management is sticking to your bankroll and knowing when to bet more and when to call it quits.

Blackjack basic Strategy

If you search on google "blackjack basic strategy", you will find the standard way to play at blackjack. It will tell you when to stay, hit, or double. The VIP Blackjack System uses this method but takes it up a notch. 

blackjack Advanced Analyitics

Athough this sounds complicated, it is not! The VIP Blackjack System breaks down the game of blackjack and shows you very easy to win strategies using several factores Ive already mentioned.


The VIP Blackjack System simplifies card counting so anyone can do it and win!
— Edmund McMannus



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